VR Experience by DigitalMania Studio

Oculus Rift Technology

The Virtual Reality (VR) technology is not new! But the innovation provided by the Oculus Rift changed the vision we have about VR Experiences. That's why, and after the release of the first Developement Kit, we focused on this technology with the conviction that this is the futur of gaming. And we were right! The Oculus Rift Technology is in a perpetual improvement and DigitalMania is now a part of the small circle of the VR developers. We will not intend to stop off on the way.

Fully 3D Environments

All our VR experiences are based on 3D environments. The the modeling, the texturing and the animations are made by our highly creative 3D artist. After that comes the Unity3D integration from our Unity Developers. Beat The Beats, our major VR experience, is made following these process. Fully created by DigitalMania's crew, it received very positive reviews from the testers. Many projects are coming soon. So stay tuned!

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