Hello, I’m Mohamed Challouf, Software Engineer at DigitalMania,

Holds a national engineering diploma (mgna cum laude) obtaines in 2012 at ESPRIT (Ecole Supérieure PRivée d’Ingénierie et Technologies), a degree in computer science applied to management obtained in 2010 at ESSECT (Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales de Tunis ) and a mathematical bachelor degree obtained in 2005 at (Lycée secondaire de Korba). I am currently working as Software Engineer Officer at Digital Mania, My main responsibilities are the design, implementation of IT projects, development and deployment of applications on production servers. Plus I’m in charge of finding the right combination of technologies that must be used together to complete applications, mobile and video games.

In my opinion to get a successful carrier is to be a good team member and to have a good learning ability of new technologies.

I was born in Korba (Nabeul, Tunisia), I studied for 6 years in primary school and i moved to college in 1998, I Joined the secondary school at 2001 to obtain the national (Tunisian) mathematical bachelor degree which is a curriculum who takes a fully 4 years, during which we study 2 years in common branch and 2 years specialist (Mathematics in my case.) Mathematical branch is characterized by extensive study in mathematics and physics.

After achieving the bachelor degree, I moved to ESSEC to obtain my first high school diploma, Computer Master (Degree in computer science), IT applied to the management

I studied computer science for 4 years, was brought to learn the different design methodologies and different programming languages. Studies are directed towards the areas of management and finance.

And finally I joined ESPRIT to get my engineer diploma

National Diploma in Engineering, Software Engineer

During this 2 years we cover many programming language such as Java (SDK, J2EE and mobile edition) and many system architecture. In Addition we learn new design patterns and project management methodologies.

My first experience was at appsnistes, Appsnsites is specialized in designing modern websites (E-commerce and Information System platforms), during 2 years and half I learned many technologies and metgodologies and I was charged to do many things like

-Finding the right technologies, which meet the technical specifications of projects realized by appsnsites.
-Development of mobile applications and websites.
-Deploy and monitoring of the production servers.
We uses Python, NodeJS and MongoDB for the majority of the developed projects.

In September 2014, I joined DigitalMania to achieve my dream which is working in a game development studio.

Mixing between professional and hobbies is a perfect combination because you feel like you are not working but playing. The first things that impresses you is how the team and office are cool. And when I get in touch with projects I’m very proud of myself because I feel that I’m do the best  of myself each moment to give our users the best gaming experience.

At DigitalMania I’m in charge of server side projects and multiplayer management, my achievements are not visible to the end users but I feel the satisfaction each day after reading log reports.